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Madagascar historically was a significant producer of artisanal gold and was a large scale producer during colonial times. Avana’s gold interests encompass many known gold fields which already have significant artisanal gold workings. These workings provide an immediate indication of prospective locations for drill targets and production. Avana provides the opportunity to invest in gold fields that are worked by artisanal gold miners yet heretofore untapped by modern gold mining and development techniques.

The Avana team has considerable experience working with local interest holders, including artisanal gold miners, to ensure smooth development of opportunities that benefits all interest holders.

Avana is sensitive to the interests of and the problems faced by artisanal gold miners, which include dangerous working conditions and low prices paid by informal gold buyers. Avana is striving to improve all aspects of their lives and bringing them into partnership in Avana’s success.

In addition to working with artisanal gold miners on its own Permits, Avana plans to offer all artisanal gold miners, with the agreement of the Malagasy government, a safe, secure and fair platform to sell their gold.

Artisanal Gold Digger on Avana permit

Artisanal Gold Miner on Avana Permit
Avana Gold Sample

Avana Gold Sample

Avana believes that gold is set to benefit from a number of supportive trends:
•    Positive albeit uneven global economic growth
•    Trade and other conflicts that boost golds safe harbour appeal
•    Rising inflation and an inverted yield curve
Madagascar historically was a significant producer of artisanal gold and was a large scale producer during colonial times. From independence in 1960, the economy was largely closed to outsiders for decades.


Avana's permits include prospectivity and shows of energy metals including cobalt, copper, nickel, manganese and tantalum and also of graphite. is continuing to evaluate the cobalt prospectivity of its Exploration Permits. So far, Avana has identified licenses totalling almost 120 km2 (nearly 30,000 acres) that include significant prospectivity amongst it holdings. Madagascar is a known province for cobalt as well as copper and nickel and field work followed by sample analysis by SGS has allowed Avana to identify specific anomalies of all the metals on its permits. The largest energy metals mine in Madagascar, at Ambatovy, has production capacity of some 5,600 tonnes (12.3 million pounds) of refined cobalt per year and 60,000 tonnes (130 million pounds) of refined nickel.

Avana Mining Camp
Avana Field Camp


Nearly all of Avana's permits are prospective for gemstones, in particular sapphires (Madagascar is the world's largest producer of sapphires). Avana holds acreage in the Ilakaka region which is highly prospective for sapphires. There is also prospectivity for rubies and emeralds on Avana's permits. Moreover, inital geophysical analysis points to the possible presence of kimberlite-type bodies.

Pink sapphires from Ilakaka
Ilakaka Pink Sapphires

Locations of Avana's Permits (click on image for larger map)


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