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About Us

AVANA RESOURCES is a private Isle of Man company, engaged in the responsible and sustainable exploration and development of gold resources as well as e-metals and gemstones. Its focus is Madagascar, which has historically been a significant gold producer but for many decades after independence was largely closed to outsiders. Its gold potential is thus underdeveloped. Avana is a well-established first mover in this renewed gold province with a very significant prospective acreage position.

Although known for its minerals wealth since 1950s, it is only in the last decade that Madagascar has been put firmly on the international minerals exloraiton and mining map.  Avana, a first mover as the mining sector reopens, has put together holdings that amount to nearly 900 km2 (over 300 sq mi) of mineral permits across key prospective regions of Madagascar.  These holdings cover major gold fields as well as e-metals, gemstones and other minerals and are prime targets for modern exploration and production techniques.

Avana benefits from its strong cultural connection to the region, where key team members have been active since the early 1990s and earlier and have an excellent track record in developing projects in a number of other high-yielding investment areas. Avana has developed a profound regional technical understanding as well as excellent relations with the regional business community and at all levels of government.

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General Principles
Avana is dedicated to:
- Capacity building and knowledge transfer
- Supporting sustainable development and environmentally sensitive behaviour and to working with select relevant NGOs
- Equal opportunities
- ISO26000 corporate social responsibility (CSR) standard (organizational governance, human rights, labour practices, environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, community involvement and development)
- Its anti-bribery & corruption policy and health, safety and management rulebook
- Tracking  output from mines to consumer

Artisanal Miners
Working by artisanal miners of many of Avana’s properties shows the attractiveness of Avana’s holdings and helps pinpoint targets. However, many of these miners labour under dangerous conditions and are paid exploitative prices by in-the-field buyers.

Avana is dedicated to offering a fair price for artisanal output giving these giving these  miners an attractive outlet for their product and a source of product for Avana. Avana is committed developing a community-based system of mineral resource management for artisanal and small-scale mining including training and equipment.
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